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The Courage amulet necklace:

The half circles held within the colourful bands of clay and string represent the reality that we are not complete, that we are still learning every day, and that our everyday experiences (good and bad) are still shaping who we are. It takes courage to step out and be yourself, this necklace is a token of bravery, to celebrate your unique gifts and becoming the colourful being you are.


"Amulet" : amulet/ˈamjʊlət/noun. An ornament or small piece of jewellery thought to give protection against evil, danger, or disease" - or in our case, against the monotony of beige living. Give yourself an easy go to addition to your outfit, to look and feel fantastic.

Each piece is hand-made by me, Jaatje, The Colour Collector. Collecting colours to make you feel fantastic. 

Made from polymer clay, rope and surgical steel studs.


Amulet Courage necklace (Aqua, rose and green)

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