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The "Story" amulet earrings:

We call this design Story amulets because their loops and shapes symbolize a series of experiences. Each amulet is intricately crafted to capture some essence of personal narratives and milestones, we believe that colour tells a story and can hold memory, transforming these earrings into wearable representations of the experiences that define us.


Protect yourself from a boring outfit with these colour-block amulet earrings.

"Amulet" : amulet/ˈamjʊlət/noun. An ornament or small piece of jewellery thought to give protection against evil, danger, or disease" - or in our case, against the monotony of beige living. Give yourself an easy go to addition to your outfit, to look and feel fantastic.

Each piece is hand-made by me, Jaatje, The Colour Collector. Collecting colours to make you feel fantastic. 

Made from polymer clay, rope and surgical steel studs.


Amulet Story earrings (Yellow, orange, purple)

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