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Hello! My name is Jaatje.

The Colour Collectors is a personal account of things I use in my journey to make life more beautiful, vibrant and positive.

 First up, was a desire for a super comfortable dress that is 100% breastfeed friendly with loads of colour, to make me feel happy and give an extra spring in my step as I continue on this journey of motherhood.

I have made clothes ever since I can remember, designing and making outfits for me and my sister's barbies on my mom's sewing machine is one of my fondest memories. Designing this dress, and having my mom help me with the fit and flow of it, as the start of The Colour Collector's and our very first product, is an absolute dream come true. The Artist's dress has become an adventure dress, a beach dress, a dress up fancy dress, a comfort dress... name it. It is an absolute joy to be able to work with other lovely women (and men) to create the colour combo's that make them feel fantastic. NOW we also have this beauty in dungaree form! 

The colour amulets have been another desire I have had since forever - to wear chunky, bold pieces to brighten up my outfit, no make-up required even! We are busy experimenting with other materials, but for now, these amulets are made with immense joy, by me, from rope and polymer clay and metals. 


That's how we got here,  thank you for visiting, please stay a while :)

Follow us on Instagram for daily colour joy. Or my personal page for some behind the scenes real life living.

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We are based in Cape Town and Swartland, South Africa.

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